Technology Toolkit

We have designed this CultureQuest web site for teachers. We have included a number of activities that can, but need not, be accomplished with technology. The Technology Toolkit contains resources and tutorials you may need to help you master the skills needed to lead your class on a CultureQuest project. The resources include information about specific skills, some activities for you and your students to complete, tutorials to learn applications, and software downloads that you may need to load on your computer.


Section I:
BASIC SKILLS needed to start a CultureQuest project

How to search the Internet: Searching the Internet can be interesting, but it can also be very frustrating and overwhelming. This provide hints and techniques for efficient and effective searching. In addition, examples of the different kinds of search tools are provided and videos are also available.
How to evaluate a web site: Most students use the Internet for research and recreation. While they may spend many hours searching and surfing, they may not be aware of the Internet's strengths and weaknesses as a source of information. Since there are no rules about who can create a web site and what kinds of information can be posted on a web site, it is important to teach students how to evaluate web sites and recognize the good from the bad. Here are some suggestions to help you provide students with the guidance and information about web site evaluation.
Some key resources on the web: There are many web sites that can help teachers find resources about a variety of topics. Often these are labeled "educational portals". In this section you will learn about the many portals that provide you and your students with the resources to enhance classroom instruction.
How to cite web resources: Students have always made reference to resources they use to prepare research papers. It is also necessary to list references which refer to the the web sites used for student reports. David Warlick has created a template to make citations easy to complete. Use the template and be sure to teach students correct citation techniques
Plagiarism and legal and ethical use of the Web:
Permission to use or link to someone's website: It is often suggested that you ask permission to use or cite someone's work from the Internet. This template will make it easy for you and your students to request such permission.
Basics of web site design: It's important to teach students good web site design. This section will provide ideas and techniques to create attractive and well-designed Web sites.
Website creation tools: There are many web editor tools to help you create a Web site. Some are free and other cost money. The list presented here will help you make a decision on choosing one. In addition, there will be links to tutorials to help you learn how to use the application.
Interactive websites: These web sites will provide links to interactive resources.