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Japanese word for sister









Kathakali Dancer (India)

Japan Projects

These CultureQuests projects about Japan were completed by small groups of teachers participating in a two-week  training program in July 2002.  This project is funded by the  National Endowment for the Humanities.

India Projects

These CultureQuest projects on India were completed by teachers participating in a City College of New York graduate course in fall of 2002 and funded by The New York State Education Department's Teacher Leadership Quality Program.

America Projects

These CultureQuest projects about America were completed by teachers participating in a training workshop done by Dr. Sheila Gersh and Ms. Rhoda Peltzer in New Delhi, India from January 21-23, 2003 at SCERT.   The teachers are continuing to work on their projects and the site will be updated when they make the changes. This was sponsored by the America India Foundation.  You can read an article about the project at

Other CultureQuests 


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