The Importance of Women During Segregation

  Ella Baker     Mary McLeod Bethune  Madam C.J. Walker  Rosa Parks



During the 90 years between the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement, racism had a way of hiding from Americans who didn't want to see it. According to the Constitution, blacks had the right to vote; but in fact, all over the South they were kept away from the polls by taxes, literacy tests, and shotguns. According to custom, blacks had equal - though separate - facilities; but in fact, their schools were run-down and their bus seats were at the back. According to law, murder was illegal; yet week after week blacks were lynched on dark nights while white sheriffs looked the other way.

All of this began to change with the help of important African American females.  These women fought in their own ways to better the lives of African Americans everywhere.  Through their battles and sacrifices, these women helped change education, create organizations to benefit all African Americans and lastly, begin the civil rights movement which would change things forever.

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