After School

Student Resources:

  • Kid’s Web Japan Kids Web Japan introduces Japanese culture and traditions in an easy to read format.
  • Travel Japan For Kids  This website provides children with information on how to get around in Japan, proper Japanese etiquette, and Japanese news and weather.
  • Kids' Japan Kids' Japan is a place where kids between the ages of 4 and 16 from around the world can find out about anything relating to activities in Japan. Good photos.
  • Global Trek Japan  This Scholastic website is great for both teachers and students.  Site includes a portrait of Japan, maps, teacher’s guide and links to other resources.

Teacher Resources:


These are some of the Japanese words that you may find in our site:

juken jigoku or juken senso –examination hell
juku – cram schools
juku benkyo – exam preparation
bento – a meal box
benkyo – studying
kyoiku mamas – education mothers
gambaru – do your best
gaman suru – hardship

Note:  We have received permission from Peggy Steffen to use the images from the schools in Japan from her site: http://www.amphi.com/~psteffen/fmf/


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