The Aborigine Culture Quiz


Please print out this page and fill in the blanks. 

  1. The Aborigines used a ______for hunting and fishing.
  2. A _______ was used to launch a spear.
  3. The Yiri spear game developed _______ skills.
  4. The Kalq spear game developed _______ skills.
  5. The Taktyerrain spear game developed _______ skills.
  6. The________ were the first foreigners to settle Australia.
  7. Captain Cook landed at ___________ Bay in 1788.
  8. The _________ root was used to make boomerangs because of its curved shape.
  9. The pipe shaped musical instrument of the Aborigines is called a _________.
  10. The Aborigines used _______ for holding seeds, fruits and babies.